You can find Christmas songs in Finland for all tastes – classical, folk, popular, pop, rock and roll and even heavy metal. To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the coming Christmas, you can find the below Christmas songs on YouTube and convert youtube video to mp3 for more atmosphere!

Christmas songs have been sung in Finland since the 13th century. Initially, they were intended to make the celebration of the Christian holiday of Christmas more attractive and closer to the people.

Despite the fact that the Christian meaning of Christmas is in the background for many families today, Christmas music remains an important part of the Finnish Christmas and New Year celebrations. And the Christmas songs themselves are not only Christian for a long time.

Folk Chants and Concerts for Every Taste

During the Christmas season, Finnish churches are filled with music – almost every artist and professional and amateur choirs organize Christmas concerts. The concert of the male choir Ylioppilaskunnan laulajat (Student Union Choir) is very popular in the metropolitan area.

Lutheran churches throughout the country have been organizing Christmas folk songs for over thirty years. Today these are the most popular musical events in the parishes. Almost a million Finns take part in folk chants every year. The tradition has spread to the Finnish diaspora abroad. The scores of the chants are sent to dozens of countries around the world.

Traditions Live

Famous Finnish composers have written Christmas songs since Sibelius, and almost all Finnish artists have their own Christmas album.

Therefore, Christmas music lives on and is constantly updated. New songs and arrangements harmoniously take root and, along with traditional compositions, create a festive atmosphere.

Today’s heavy music lovers are buying metal renditions of Christmas songs. Choir fans will find Christmas music performed by renowned Finnish choirs, a cappella or children’s choirs. Variety fans are looking for the Christmas records of their favorite artists on the shelves of record stores.

Most Popular Christmas Songs

Christmas is a celebration of joy and light, but many of the Finnish favorite Christmas songs are written in minor keys. Maybe this is based on a combination of Slavic melancholy and northern mentality?

En etsi valtaa loistoa (“I’m not looking for a blaze of glory,” lyrics from 1887, music from 1895) is the most famous song of the national composer Jean Sibelius. The song was included in the Finnish Lutheran Psalter in 1986. The Swedish text was written by the poet Zacarius Topelius. Finnish translation made in 1909. The song wishes for Christmas peace for every home. This arrangement is performed by Tarja Turunen.

Varpunen jouluaamuna (“Christmas morning sparrow”, lyrics 1859, music 1913) – music was written in 1913 on the verses of Zacarius Topelius. In the song, the sparrow appears before a little girl in the form of her deceased brother, who flew in to see her sister on Christmas. The words describe the sadness of the author himself, who lost his son last spring. Sings Suvi Teryasniska, one of the most popular pop singers.

Konsta Jylhän joululaulu (“Konsta Julhä’s Christmas song” 1970) is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful Finnish Christmas songs.

The author of the music, the troubadour Konsta Yulhia, brought folk music back to mass popularity. In the song, an orphan girl comes to her mother’s grave to light a candle, but falls unconscious and lies alone in the cold. Fortunately, the Child of Christmas appears and leads her to heavenly joy. Here performed by Finnish musician Lauri Tähkä.

The words Sylvian joululaulu (“Sylvia’s Christmas Carol” words from 1835) are also written by Zacarius Topelius. The song sings not only about Christmas, but also about sadness at home and love for the fatherland. Under the Sicilian sun, the poet with a black-headed warbler misses the winter at home … The song is performed by the Finnish mezzo-soprano Monica Group.

Even in the happiest Christmas carol there was a place of deep melancholy. The major song “Hei tonttu-ukot hyppikää” (“Come on, gnomes, dance”, music and folk words) ends with the words: “Life lasts a moment, and it is sad and gloomy” and is a refinement of the metal band Ajattara.